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Rival wanted Llarena fight in ERC

2018-11-05T21:05:43+01:00November 7th, 2018|2018|

Tom Kristensson has revealed his disappointment after he was unable to fight Efrén Llarena for the runner-up spot in the FIA ERC Junior Under 27 Championship.

Swede Kristensson (right) beat Llarena (left) to the Pirelli-supported category victory on PZM Rally Poland in late September and was set to start the season-closing Rally Liepāja 14 points in front of his Spanish rival.

However, when Llarena and co-driver Sara Fernández were forced to pull their entry from the Latvian event, Kristensson was unchallenged in his bid to finish runner-up to fellow ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team driver Mārtiņš Sesks.

“It’s very, very sad he was not here to compete against us because I really wanted a fight on the stages,” said Kristensson. “I’m really sorry for them but rally is rally and everybody knows how hard it is. I just hope he can come back stronger next year.”

Kristensson was also quick to praise Llarena and Fernández for their performances in 2018. “We enjoyed to have them as competitors this year, they are really, really good, especially on Tarmac, they are really strong and also showed a really good pace in Poland.”